Timeless Truth for Modern Minds

The Grounds Journal engages in cultural conversations grounded in the beauty of Christian orthodoxy. 

Why We Do What We Do

Grounds believes that Christian truth provides the most beautiful and sensible understanding of life. Our aim is to carve out a space for the simple melody of this truth in the midst of the discordant choruses that dominate public conversations. For those dissatisfied with loud partisan perspectives, we hope that our charitable orthodoxy unites more than it divides and provides clarity more than it obscures. With diverse voices presented on Grounds, we may not always agree and we may raise more questions than we attempt to answer, but we hope to challenge those who feel certain and strengthen those who live in doubt.

Grounds engages in cultural conversations in three ways.

  • The Grounds Journal — a quarterly journal with articles offering perspectives on a particular cultural issue.

  • The Grounds Weekly — weekly posts from our editors to challenge and encourage ourselves and our readers. 

  • The Grounds Conversations — a bi-weekly podcast discussing how the Christian faith reshapes the way we see the world.

Get Involved

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Editorial Team


Joseph R. Honescko
Founder and Editorial Director

Joseph is a writer, editor, husband, and perpetual student. He is passionate about telling the world how the Gospel meets the needs of culture. He is the co-founder and editorial director of The Grounds Journal.


Michael Key
Associate Editor

Michael graduated with his MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary and, after several years of teaching theology, Bible, and history, now serves on staff at The Parks Church. He and his wife are excitedly expecting their first child.