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Editorial Team


Joseph R. Honescko

Joseph is a writer, editor, husband, and perpetual student. He is passionate about telling the world how the Gospel meets the needs of culture. He is the co-founder and editorial director of The Grounds Journal.


T.R. Ragland

T.R. "Ty" Ragland is a husband, teacher, journalist, and graduate student at the University of Dallas studying Humanities. Ty yearns to see truth made accessible to the public sphere through all art forms. Ty is the co-founder and associate editor of The Grounds Journal. 

Contributing Writers


Bethany Bigham

Born and raised in Texas, Bethany grew up in a Christian home where she learned to love God’s word at an early age.  As a faithful wife, daughter, and sister, she is inspired with a cheerful heart to spread Christ’s message to everyone.  She loves being with her family, good food, and constructing creative home projects.  To Bethany, the greatest way to grow in Christ is to be daily devoted to studying His word.


Stephen Clardy

Stephen lives in Texas, where he is a seminary student, minister, and barista. He loves his wife and enjoys music, reading, and cheering for the San Antonio Spurs. Stephen's hope in writing is to simply point others to Jesus, while growing as a thinker and communicator.


Peter T. Elliot

Peter is married to, Stephanie Augusta and lives in the Pacific Northwest in the lovely state of Washington.  He has a B.A. in Biblical Studies Interdisciplinary in Historical Theology from Moody Bible Institute – Spokane and graduated from the Ancient Christian Studies Honors Program under Dr. Jonathan Armstrong. Find out more about him at



Phoebe Hamel

Phoebe Hamel lives with her husband in Minneapolis, MN where they are both K-12 substitute teachers. She graduated from Moody Bible Institute - Spokane in 2016 with a B.A. in Intercultural Studies. Phoebe enjoys reading, writing, and doing volunteer work with Somali adult literacy training


Layne Hilyer

Layne Hilyer presently lives in Plano, Texas with his wife Lauren. He works as an English teacher and Department Head at a local private school and worships at a local Anglican parish. He received a BA in English from Asbury University in Lexington, Kentucky.


Spencer Jacobson

Spencer Jacobson is a husband, father and Students Minister at The Village Church - Southlake Campus. His desire is to see the Gospel of Jesus revealed in all things. He enjoys pop culture and believes that the shadows it casts often point to the greater reality of Jesus's work.

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Michael Key

If Michael was forced to read theology and classic fiction for the rest of his life, he wouldn’t be sad about it. However, having spent more years than many in school, he attempts to pass on what he has learned in history, theology, and apologetics. Michael currently travels the world with his beautiful wife Micaela as private teachers.