Timeless Truth for Modern Minds

Call for Papers

We are always interested in hearing from diverse perspectives within the Christian tradition and invite you to contribute your insights for our next issue. That can take any number of forms from narratives to literary or cinematic analyses to biblical or theological expositions. Book reviews are also acceptable as are current events so long as the analysis pertains to the issue’s topic. As a quarterly journal, current events might be soon outdated, unless the event is an instance of a larger cultural issue.

Topic: Renewal

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2019

Send your pitch or completed article to contact@thegroundsjournal.com along with your name and quick bio, but first please review our submission and style guide.


We reserve the right not to post any article we receive, even if we approved the initial pitch. Any article we do accept should be expected to be edited for style, length, and content. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide compensation to our contributors at this time. Original works are more likely to be published, but if the article appears elsewhere, we will consider it on certain conditions. Contact us for more info.